Aoife O'Mahony, class of 2010

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Aoife O'Mahony, class of 2010

" I miss the absolute madness that was breaktimes. Everyone would just be shouting over each other to get heard and it was always hilarious. "

What's your favourite Muckross memory? 
" Hard to choose but maybe our class trip to Poland. I remember when we were first told it was the destination we all thought it was the strangest thing. We all were expecting to go to Spain or France or somewhere more familiar. Thankfully we didn't because it was an amazing holiday and I'm still recommending people to go and visit Krakow."

" Another hilarious moment was when we were on the ski trip in 5th year and we tried to sneak off back to our hotel and got stuck in the lift. Thankfully Mr McCardle came to our rescue! "

" Finally, I have to mention all the numerous times we'd break into impromptu renditions of Magnificat throughout the years! "

" After Muckross, I studied general nursing. I'm doing some agency work now but I've changed my career path this year and I'm currently back in University studying for a Masters in Biotechnology and Business which I will finish in September. Since being back in college I've taken up tag rugby which I am absolutely loving; until I break a finger of course..."

Advice for your 18 year old self:
" You don't have to go to EVERY 18th birthday party invitation. It's ok to stay in and study some nights! "

Fun fact: Aoife absolutely loves travelling so in 2016 she spent a year working as an English teacher in Vietnam. 
" It was an absolutely amazing experience and I got to see many surrounding countries while I was over there. Unfortunately, I think my list of countries I want to visit is now longer and not shorter! "

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