Ann Horan, class of 1974

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Ann Horan (nee McKeever), class of 1974

What do you miss the most about Muckross? 
" Being young and free in a place of learning, sports and a wonderful location. And of course, the people - friends, teachers and the nuns."

What's your favourite Muckross memory?
" Performing – a great preparation for real life. I remember being in one of Slade (led by Anna Ryan), plays, concerts, gymnastic displays and best of all, when our entire class performed in Slogádh and won the national finals in Cork (circa 1971)."

What are you up to now? 
" I am recently retired with a couple of non-Executive roles as Chairman of the Health Products Regulator (HPRA) and the Audit Committee of South Dublin County Council. I qualified as an accountant and enjoyed successful careers in banking (MD of Bank of Ireland Finance) and education (CEO of the DCU Ryan Academy). On a personal level I have 2 children, both grown ups and live with my partner in Rathfarnham. Hobbies include renovating properties, sewing and tennis. We also love to travel. "

Advice for your 18 year old self:
" Believe in yourself and be more confident. It took me many years to become the strong confident woman that I am today. If I had listened more to the nuns and my mother, I could have done it all sooner. But no regrets. "

" Since I retired, I have re-discovered the joys of sewing, which is something that I left behind in my teenage years. I just love being in my zone and creating beautiful things for hours and hours on end. I suspect that our domestic science teacher, Mrs Colleary would not believe this transformation. I still remember how she made Deirdre Ryan and myself remove the collar from the blouses that we were making at least 8 times!"

What a wonderful response, thanks very much Ann! If you'd like to nominate any friends or family to feature in the #HumansOfMuckross - please let us know.

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