Humans of Muckross

Roseanne Smith, class of 1993

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Roseanne Smith - class of 1993

When did you leave Muckross?

" There's some serious Maths involved in that answer and Ms. Coleman will tell you I promised never to use Maths again once I left school. It was 1993. "

What are you favourite school memories?

" I think it has to be when we went on our sixth year trip. That Friday night Annie Murphy was appearing on The Late Late Show. Little did we understand at the time what the implications of that were. Anyway, there was no way we were missing it in our little cottage in Spiddal and that evening Sr. Rita was doing the rounds with Ms. Stephenson, making sure everybody was where they should be. One cheeky miss asked her, "So Sister, wil you be watching the Late Late? With Annie Murphy?"

"No! I will not!" says she, "But Ms. Stephenson will. We have a split screen television. Oíche mhaith, a chailíní."

What do you miss the most?

" My kids think I'm bats when I say this but I loved school. Yes I had days where I didn't love it but as a general rule I enjoyed it. Mainly because I got to see my friends every day. I see that the social aspect appeals to my own children too "

Fun fact about you:

" I was briefly one degree of separation from Taylor Swift. I am the vice chair of the board of Dublin Youth Theatre and every year I manage online marketing for their gala fundraiser, The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre. One year one of the actors in the cast was kinda famous for being in a Taylor Swift video. When he mentioned @24HourPlaysDub on Twitter our timeline exploded!"

What are you up to now?

" I run my own online marketing agency,, in Dublin. My husband and I have three kids, the eldest is doing his Teastas Sóisearach this year. As mentioned I'm on the board of Dublin Youth Theatre. A Muckross classmate, Jean O'Dwyer, got me involved in DYT as a teenager. I'm also on the core team of Tymon parkrun which was a great way to make friends in the community. I'm still in touch with my group of friends from Muckross on a near daily basis but there are others that I wish I saw more. Time for a party - I'd say! "

Advice for your 18 year old self:

" I wouldn't give her advice, I know better than that. She wouldn't listen. More fool her. Although I was generally pretty impressed with cool women in their 40s so you never know 😉 "

Megan Fanning, class of 2013

#HumansOfMuckross is our new campaign that connects past pupils together & gives us an insider's look into the cool things everyone's up to post-green skirt era 💚

Next we have ... Megan Fanning, class of 2013

" Muckross girls are so loyal to each other"

" There was always such a brilliant community in Muckross, from hockey matches to dressing up at Halloween to school masses. Muckross girls are so loyal to the school. It’s difficult to find the same camaraderie in the 'real world', especially for such a large amount of people "

" [My favourite Muckross memory] was being Editor of the school yearbook in Transition Year. It has to be the most rewarding experience [from school days]. It was a great team & shout-out to Mr McArdle who provided great support to us. It was incredible to see my year’s efforts come together in 300 pages & to have such a collection of memories recorded "

Advice for your 6th year self:
" Take an evening off every now & again. It’s so important to take time to just relax, no matter how much you have going on – it doesn’t help with stress at all to let everything build up. Sometimes you have to take a step back to look at the bigger picture & realise that it’ll all be grand "

" Since leaving school, I graduated from UCD with a BA in Economics & am currently finishing a Masters of Common Law. I work as a Research Assistant in Smurfit on the side too. I hope to travel for a few months before beginning to qualify as a solicitor in a corporate firm, combining my interests from both degrees! "

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Edana Maher, class of 2013

Next up in our #HumansOfMuckross series is ..

Edana Maher (class of 2013)

“ I feel privileged to be able to call myself a Muckross girl “

“ Muckross encourages all of its pupils to be courageous, independent-thinking women. I loved all of the support we as friends gave to one another. Through so many ups and downs, you never felt alone when surrounded by your Muckross friends. My friends from school and I have remained very close, we see each other every week. Some of the best years of my life were my school days & with that so many amazing memories made. The hockey matches & the school chants will stay with me forever ‘’

What are you doing now?
“ I am a registered nurse currently working in Vincent’s Private Hospital in a surgical unit. Being a nurse without doubt has its challenges, but being a small part of my patients’ journeys is why I do it. I plan to move to Singapore this coming summer to gain international experience ‘’

Advice for your 18 year old self:
‘’ Lead the life you want to live & listen to your gut (it’s never wrong). Never be afraid of anything or of going after your dreams. Be patient on your journey & know that it’s okay if it leads you down an unexpected path‘’

Fun fact: Edana has 3 sisters who are all also Muckross girls!

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Méabh MacGabhann, class of 2013

#HumansOfMuckross is our new campaign that connects past pupils together & gives us an insider's look into the cool things everyone's up to post-green skirt era 💚

Our next lovely lady is .. Méabh MacGabhann class of 2013

" I really miss seeing the Muckross girls every single day"

" We had a really great year group (McAleese, DeValera, Hyde & Robinson) and I think it’s so easy to take for granted that you see your friends every day "

" Second last ever day of school, our deputy head girl (Millie Barnes) had all 120 of us over to her house for a big BBQ party in her back garden. It was a really warm sunny day & was such a nice chance for all of us to get together before we graduated "

" After I finished school, I trained as a General & Paediatric Nurse at Trinity College. I moved to London last year & worked with an amazing team on a surgical urology ward. I have recently started a new post as a neonatal intensive care nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children "

Advice to your 18 year old self:

" Trust your gut, believe in yourself & know that great things are coming ❤️ "

Thanks so much for sharing your stories & advice, Méabh!

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Rachel and Rowena Thornburgh, classes of 1997 and 1962

For the day that's in it - our #HumansOfMuckross are a lovely Mother-Daughter collaboration 💚

Rachel Thornburgh - class of 1997 and Rowena Thornburgh (née Smyth) - class of 1962


Rachel: The craic was great! It was always such a safe and comfortable place to be. I’m fortunate enough to have stayed in touch with loads of friends from Muckross. We had our 20 year reunion not long ago (where did that time go?!) The friendships forged over my time in Muckross have stood the test of time.

Rowena: I miss Mother Hilary and the way she brought Shakespeare to life. I was chairman of the debating society for a year and loved it. Always love a good debate! I always looked forward to participating in the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta productions.


Rachel: The Italy/Switzerland trip was packed with such great laughs. The liberty of being away with your closest friends was what I think sparked my travel bug. Also the sixth year concert was always such fun! It brought laughs and tears (no matter what year you were in!)

Rowena: The Muckross chapel was always a quiet a tranquil place that I used to go to in the evenings to listen to the nuns sing compline.


Rachel: Following Muckross, I studied Hospitality Management in DIT Cathal Brugha Street and was fortunate enough to travel throughout my time in college and after (looks like I took my Mother’s advice, see below). I’ve lived and worked around Ireland, Spain (Seville), USA (Texas, Hawaii) and Australia. I later studied for an MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science with the University of Chester. I’ve been working with asylum seekers since returning to Ireland. I have loads of hobbies: Italian language, food and culture; sewing, reading, writing and travelling; and two wonderful daughters to keep me busy.

Rowena: I am retired since 1999 from Guinness but engage in volunteer work. I have four wonderful grandchildren, two living in New Zealand, the other two in Dublin.


Rachel: Don’t take yourself so seriously, it’ll all come right in the end.

Rowena: Travel, travel and more travel!


Rachel: I served Michael Bolton and his family on New Year’s Eve in a bar on Maui. He had short hair! I was disappointed!

Rowena: I share my birthday with Elvis Presley!


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Ellie Barrett, class of 2008

 is our new campaign that connects past pupils together & gives us an insider's look into the cool things everyone's up to post-green skirt era 💚

Our next lass is .. Ellie Barrett (class of 2008)

" Muckross has always been more than just a school ✨ "

“What I miss most about [the school days] is the Muckross ‘spirit'. It is impossible to pinpoint one favourite memory... there were so many, including the daily trips to Donnybrook Fair. One of the most memorable moments was the move to the ‘new school’. Up until this point, half the school survived in prefabs. We either melted or froze, depending on the season! The day of the move, the entire school excitedly made their way from the old building to the new. It felt like we were making history 🏗”

“ Ah, to be 18 again. There are so many things I would tell my 18 year old self, (not that she would have listened!) 
Here’s my Top 5: 
- Your Leaving Cert points don’t define you ✅
- Enjoy seeing your friends everyday ✅
- Don’t be so hard on yourself ✅
- Embrace change ✅
- Don’t waste your time wishing you were older, being a grown up is hard ✅“

What Ellie is up to now: 
" I currently work for Oracle. I manage various programs in the area of Health & Wellbeing, Voluteering and Sports & Social. The rewarding part of my job is overseeing the Oracle Giving & Oracle Volunteering programs, which donate funds & time to non-profit organisations to advance education, protect the environment, & strengthen communities 🌍 "

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Judy May Murphy, class of 1986

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Judy May Murphy, class of 1986

What do you miss the most?

" Miss Doyle’s art classes. Not necessarily for the art but for the stories she’d tell about artists, galleries, design choices, ways of looking at the world. She said to always visit the local art museum when you landed in a new place, and I always have. One year she gave me a philosophy book for my birthday and inscribed it, ‘From one seeker to another.’ I still treasure it. I’ve been back to Muckross to speak to the students a couple of times and Miss Doyle and her art classroom still felt like the beating heart of the school."

" I remember how myself and a few friends (like Clodagh O’Donoghue) broke with convention and acted in plays with Sandford Park and Belvedere College. Usually we were twinned with Gonzaga for those productions. Most of my Muckross memories are arts-based ones in fact. I didn’t find life easy at that age and things like poetry and drama got me through. In sixth year I designed the set for the Muckross musical, ‘The King And I.’ I also loved walking home chatting with my neighbours, classmate Deborah Lockwood and Ruth Kennedy from the class of ‘87. "

" I have my first book of poetry being published worldwide this October. My first ever poetry ‘review’ was from Sr Rose Elizabeth who wrote on my 3rd class report in junior school that my poetry was good. I still have that report and may whip it out if any critic dares to disagree.

"Having lived in many different places, New York, DC, LA, Paris, Kathmandu etc. I’ve now settled in central London with frequent trips to visit my sister Susie (class of ‘85) and her family in Paris. I graduated in Drama Studies from Trinity right after school and then stayed on there for an extra three years to get a Masters in Literature. I ended up in the late 1990s and early 2000s working as a writer/performer/guest on comedy and arts shows on RTE. For the past 18 years I’ve been working internationally as a motivational speaker. Some might see my life as a little unusual, and they’d have a point, but I see it as an adventure."

" Trust people, there are good people out there, many of them right beside you already - talk more to the girls in your year! "

Facebook: Judymay Murphy

Instagram: judymay_murphy

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Sheila Jones (nee Markey) class of 1981

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Sheila Markey (now Jones) - class of 1981

" Muckross really was a great way to make many friendships, a number of which still continue to this day "

" My favourite memories are from the many hours spent on the hockey pitch, and in the gym club, both of which were key parts of sporting life at Muckross. Our PE teacher, Miss Blair, was fun to be around as well as encouraging, and she had a lot to do with the success Muckross had on the hockey pitch. Being the School Hockey Secretary one year was a great education in organising matches for all the teams as well as the very important responsibility for cutting up an endless supply of oranges to provide essential half time refreshments!"

" In first year, I remember standing out by wearing enormous gaberdeens that were to see us through to 6th year. In earlier years, we learned the rudiments of Ballet, Irish Dancing, and Singing but also skills that have stood the test of time as we had regular Spelling tests and Hand-writing competitions. We learned to share our good fortune by putting coins in the boxes for babies in Africa, and Trocaire. We wore our Veritas badge with pride on our gymslips and blazers.

We learned how to break a book, and how to give all our school books longevity by wrapping them in brown paper. On cold days we would huddle around the old column radiators, and on warm sunny days we would cherish the suntrap behind the convent building. Life at Muckross was never dull! "

What are you up to now?

" Currently living in West Yorkshire. It wasn’t my expected outcome after my Leap of Faith in 1988. I set off to San Francisco - with no job, $100, and 1 suitcase. I was looking for more opportunity in the world of IT. I had always had a burning desire to live in the U.S. so when I got an elusive lottery visa in 1988 I just had to go. I became a Program Manager for a U.S. corporation. It was right up my street, so my years in the U.S. were hugely memorable; not just for the work but the associated travel gave me a great exposure to many different cultures.

In 2000, I moved to London after meeting my husband Glyn at a football match in Atlanta, Georgia. Later we moved to West Yorkshire.

I have 2 stepsons in their 30’s, both now thankfully self-sufficient! Glyn and I love to travel at every opportunity, these days mostly in our campervan. We are keen hikers and can often be found in the Lake District, in all seasons and weathers looking bedraggled but happy at being amongst such spectacular scenery!"

Advice for your 18 year old self

" Think laterally. If you are not an academic then use your determination and positivity to take one step at a time and you will find your niche. The world is full of opportunities. Don’t limit yourself or come up with reasons why you can’t do something, that’s too easy, so instead think ‘why not?’ #youcandoit "

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Marianne Lambert, class of 2003

#HumansOfMuckross is our new campaign that connects past pupils together & gives us an insider's look into the cool things everyone's up to post-green skirt era 💚

Next we have ...

Marianne Lambert (class of 2003)

" When I reflect on my time at Muckross I think of the fun I had, the friends I had (a handful of which I will have forever) & the laughs I had "

" Honestly... I don't miss school, but I loved my time at Muckross. I do remember teachers of course, but I don't remember classes, & I think that's because [when I reflect] I think of trips away, nights out, hockey & the bonds we had with each other "

" I have so many fond memories but my favourite time was our TY trip to Italy. I will NEVER know how 3/4 teachers took it upon themselves to take that many children away!!!"

Where she is now:
" First & foremost, I'm a mum to two lovely girls aged 2 and 9 months. I am the Head of Customer Relations & Communication for the Grosvenor Services Group. I'm also involved with the Kilmacud Musical Society so in a word... I'm BUSY! "

Advice for her 6th year self:
" I think there is a huge pressure on young people to be accepted & to fit in, so my advice would be to always be honest with yourself, & to do the right thing. Be kind to yourself. Don't worry what other people think. Nothing lasts forever & tough times will pass. Always focus on the positives, be strong enough to follow your own path, & most importantly... enjoy yourself "

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