Sheila Jones (nee Markey) class of 1981

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Sheila Markey (now Jones) - class of 1981

" Muckross really was a great way to make many friendships, a number of which still continue to this day "

" My favourite memories are from the many hours spent on the hockey pitch, and in the gym club, both of which were key parts of sporting life at Muckross. Our PE teacher, Miss Blair, was fun to be around as well as encouraging, and she had a lot to do with the success Muckross had on the hockey pitch. Being the School Hockey Secretary one year was a great education in organising matches for all the teams as well as the very important responsibility for cutting up an endless supply of oranges to provide essential half time refreshments!"

" In first year, I remember standing out by wearing enormous gaberdeens that were to see us through to 6th year. In earlier years, we learned the rudiments of Ballet, Irish Dancing, and Singing but also skills that have stood the test of time as we had regular Spelling tests and Hand-writing competitions. We learned to share our good fortune by putting coins in the boxes for babies in Africa, and Trocaire. We wore our Veritas badge with pride on our gymslips and blazers.

We learned how to break a book, and how to give all our school books longevity by wrapping them in brown paper. On cold days we would huddle around the old column radiators, and on warm sunny days we would cherish the suntrap behind the convent building. Life at Muckross was never dull! "

What are you up to now?

" Currently living in West Yorkshire. It wasn’t my expected outcome after my Leap of Faith in 1988. I set off to San Francisco - with no job, $100, and 1 suitcase. I was looking for more opportunity in the world of IT. I had always had a burning desire to live in the U.S. so when I got an elusive lottery visa in 1988 I just had to go. I became a Program Manager for a U.S. corporation. It was right up my street, so my years in the U.S. were hugely memorable; not just for the work but the associated travel gave me a great exposure to many different cultures.

In 2000, I moved to London after meeting my husband Glyn at a football match in Atlanta, Georgia. Later we moved to West Yorkshire.

I have 2 stepsons in their 30’s, both now thankfully self-sufficient! Glyn and I love to travel at every opportunity, these days mostly in our campervan. We are keen hikers and can often be found in the Lake District, in all seasons and weathers looking bedraggled but happy at being amongst such spectacular scenery!"

Advice for your 18 year old self

" Think laterally. If you are not an academic then use your determination and positivity to take one step at a time and you will find your niche. The world is full of opportunities. Don’t limit yourself or come up with reasons why you can’t do something, that’s too easy, so instead think ‘why not?’ #youcandoit "

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