Marianne Lambert, class of 2003

#HumansOfMuckross is our new campaign that connects past pupils together & gives us an insider's look into the cool things everyone's up to post-green skirt era 💚

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Marianne Lambert (class of 2003)

" When I reflect on my time at Muckross I think of the fun I had, the friends I had (a handful of which I will have forever) & the laughs I had "

" Honestly... I don't miss school, but I loved my time at Muckross. I do remember teachers of course, but I don't remember classes, & I think that's because [when I reflect] I think of trips away, nights out, hockey & the bonds we had with each other "

" I have so many fond memories but my favourite time was our TY trip to Italy. I will NEVER know how 3/4 teachers took it upon themselves to take that many children away!!!"

Where she is now:
" First & foremost, I'm a mum to two lovely girls aged 2 and 9 months. I am the Head of Customer Relations & Communication for the Grosvenor Services Group. I'm also involved with the Kilmacud Musical Society so in a word... I'm BUSY! "

Advice for her 6th year self:
" I think there is a huge pressure on young people to be accepted & to fit in, so my advice would be to always be honest with yourself, & to do the right thing. Be kind to yourself. Don't worry what other people think. Nothing lasts forever & tough times will pass. Always focus on the positives, be strong enough to follow your own path, & most importantly... enjoy yourself "

Thanks so much for sharing your stories & advice, Marianne! You get to nominate the next interviewee ✅

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