Kate Thornhill, class of 1995

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Kate Thornhill, class of 1995

... ("But it doesn’t feel that long ago!")

What do you miss the most about Muckross?

" The 20 minute commute! 🤣 Really as we’ve all said... it’s always the people; the friends, the teachers, the nuns! I miss the variety of subjects... that can be the hard part, especially keeping up with the subjects that are a bit more difficult... learning is never so varied after school. "

Favourite Muckross memories?

" Moving into the new prefabs (now gone). They were so much bigger and generally more comfortable than the older ones. "

" [I loved] transition year... the whole thing. Back in the early 90s lots of schools didn’t have a transition year. I really think those kids missed out. It was a great chance to try different subjects, the baking, the projects etc. "

" The ski trip in 5th year was great fun...I ended up hanging around different girls as most of my pals did the Eastern Europe trip instead. The trip started my love of skiing, though it was a good few years before I skiied a black slope."

" Way back in 1992 I had this great idea... Muckross should have a year book.

We did it as part of transition year.

I’m really proud that it has gone from strength to strength and that each year brings something new to it. "

What are you up to now?

" I did maths in DCU (loved DCU), then qualified as an accountant, and now I’m working as a project manager in AIB in Dublin. Apparently at age 18 I said to my mum & dad that I was done with exams.... I’m glad I didn’t keep to that. I’m not a huge fan of exams, but I love learning. "

" I’ve been in choirs most of my life.. national youth choir in primary school, of course special choir in Muckross, College of Music youth choir, Lassus Scholars, and most recently RTÉ Philharmonic. I love most types of music, but the buzz from a good choir performance is life affirming. I’ve been privileged to sing a good few times in the NCH. It never gets old, the buzz is brilliant & I will always love it."

Any advice for your 18 year old self?

" Keep making time for the things that you love. This is it... so go for it. Take a few more (calculated) risks... "

" Some of my best memories so far have resulted from an initial risk... I learned to sail one summer when all my pals were elsewhere. I love(d) sailing, met amazing people through it.. and 4 of us sailed from Dun Laoghaire to A Coruña in a 33 foot yacht. Scary at times, but a great experience."

"Go work on a vineyard or two! I’ve always loved food and as I grew up I got into wine / wine tasting, eventually doing WSET Level 3. In another life I think I’d love to be a sommelier. Instead a few of us from the WSET course set up a wine tasting club “10 Green Bottles”, so we meet one a month... taste a few interesting wines... and then chat. Always a great night. "

Thanks a million Kate for your wonderful input. I'm sure some of you have similar memories of your school days !

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