Roseanne Smith, class of 1993

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Roseanne Smith - class of 1993

When did you leave Muckross?

" There's some serious Maths involved in that answer and Ms. Coleman will tell you I promised never to use Maths again once I left school. It was 1993. "

What are you favourite school memories?

" I think it has to be when we went on our sixth year trip. That Friday night Annie Murphy was appearing on The Late Late Show. Little did we understand at the time what the implications of that were. Anyway, there was no way we were missing it in our little cottage in Spiddal and that evening Sr. Rita was doing the rounds with Ms. Stephenson, making sure everybody was where they should be. One cheeky miss asked her, "So Sister, wil you be watching the Late Late? With Annie Murphy?"

"No! I will not!" says she, "But Ms. Stephenson will. We have a split screen television. Oíche mhaith, a chailíní."

What do you miss the most?

" My kids think I'm bats when I say this but I loved school. Yes I had days where I didn't love it but as a general rule I enjoyed it. Mainly because I got to see my friends every day. I see that the social aspect appeals to my own children too "

Fun fact about you:

" I was briefly one degree of separation from Taylor Swift. I am the vice chair of the board of Dublin Youth Theatre and every year I manage online marketing for their gala fundraiser, The 24 Hour Plays in aid of Dublin Youth Theatre. One year one of the actors in the cast was kinda famous for being in a Taylor Swift video. When he mentioned @24HourPlaysDub on Twitter our timeline exploded!"

What are you up to now?

" I run my own online marketing agency,, in Dublin. My husband and I have three kids, the eldest is doing his Teastas Sóisearach this year. As mentioned I'm on the board of Dublin Youth Theatre. A Muckross classmate, Jean O'Dwyer, got me involved in DYT as a teenager. I'm also on the core team of Tymon parkrun which was a great way to make friends in the community. I'm still in touch with my group of friends from Muckross on a near daily basis but there are others that I wish I saw more. Time for a party - I'd say! "

Advice for your 18 year old self:

" I wouldn't give her advice, I know better than that. She wouldn't listen. More fool her. Although I was generally pretty impressed with cool women in their 40s so you never know 😉 "