Iseult James, class of 2013

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Iseult James - class of 2013

" What I miss the most about school is all the friends who I haven’t seen in ages and having the chats with the teachers "

" One of my favourite #Muckross memories is sitting outside in the sun with all the girls at lunch time talking about last/next weekend & having a good gossip "

Advice for your 6th year self: 
" In all honesty, I’d tell myself to take more photos. It's the best way to get that nostalgic feeling and to bring back memories from days gone by. Photos resurface feelings of having your best friends around every day for 6 years "

Iseult, what are you up to now? 
" Having completed an undergraduate in Psychology in IADT, I moved to America. I am now working in bars in New York while I search for jobs in PR and/or marketing. Any connections in New York or advice would be wonderful & much appreciated! "

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