Nicola Ryan, class of 1997

Our next Muckross-magic-maker & feature in the #HumansOfMuckross campaign is ..

Nicola Ryan, class of 1997

" I am really thankful that I have close friendships with beautiful strong women. "

" I went to Muckross for 10 years, starting in 3rd class. I made wonderful life-long friends who I still keep in touch with & meet up with (not regularly enough, mind!). I miss the Muckross camaraderie & craic. I'm really thankful that I have close friendships with beautiful, strong women who I first met over 30 years ago.. #ancient "

" My fave Muckross memory is definitely being giddy in class or during mass. The times when you're not supposed to be laughing but you just can't help yourself. We must have been so annoying for the teachers and nuns. My memories are pretty hazy to be honest (*see below). The Pavillion, which was a lofty term for changing rooms really, carries the strongest sensory memory for me. I also look back on Transition Year as a great period - it pushed me out to experience life differently & opened up new interests. I remember the torture of running circuits of the 'back field' wearing knicker shorts in Siberian conditions. We did give out a lot but the camaraderie made it enjoyable all the same. "

What are you doing now, Nicola?
" I went on to study architecture in D.I.T. after school. 11 years ago, I founded Studio Red Architects ( with my business partner. We're based in Dublin on Dame Street & we work all across Ireland too. We've realised some great projects with gorgeous clients & talented builders & craftspeople. We even picked up an Irish Architecture Award (2014) along the way - (please queue in an orderly fashion for autographs). And I am FINALLY, going to build my own house this year. "

Advice for your 18 year old self:
" Your best is always good enough. 
Family is the most important thing.
You are stronger than you know.
*Make sure you get enough sleep."

" The photo used is a few years old. 3 kids, 2 dogs & running a practice later, it's safe to say that I am starting very much to resemble the witch in Snow White (Google image search for reference) "

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