Jill Browning, class of 2010

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Jill Browning - head girl & class of 2010

"What I miss about Muckross the most is seeing my friends every day. I loved the lunch time chats and all of the activities after school on Fridays. The special thing about Muckross is that even though it’s been nine years since I left, I still see the same friends at least once a week! "

"Although they were tough years, I think 5th and 6th year were the most fun and my favourite years at Muckross. You were beginning to go out more so the Monday morning stories were always entertaining and the trips away were great craic. I absolutely loved the fifth year ski trip - it was probably the funniest trip I’ve ever been on!"

What're you up to now?

"I’m currently in my final year of my PhD. I studied general science at Trinity and specialised in Biochemistry. I really enjoyed the lab work so I stayed on afterwards to do my PhD. I’m working on a project where I am trying to improve and develop new strategies for gene editing - the technique was really only discovered in 2012 and research has exploded in the area since so it’s an exciting field to be in at the moment."

Advice for your 18 year old self:

"Don’t feel pressure to follow the crowd and don’t be afraid to change your mind"

FUN FACT: In 2012, Jill played viola with the Trinity Orchestra on the main stage at Electric Picnic!

Brilliant stuff, Jill - thank you for your input! You get to nominate another past pupil to feature in our #HumansOfMuckross series

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