Amelia Harvey, class of 2013

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Amelia Harvey, class of 2013 ✳️

What do you miss the most about Muckross?

" When I think about school I always think of hanging out at lunch time with my friends and just having such great laughs. It always brightened my day, especially in the last year with all the leaving cert pressure! I’m still in contact with many of the Muckross girls and consider them some of my closest friends. "

" Honestly It’s hard to pick just one favourite Muckross memory as every year had something great about it. I think school trips abroad were always great fun, especially our ski trip "

What're you up to now?

" I did a degree in Zoology then moved to Australia for a year. I am currently applying to go back to college and study veterinary medicine. "

Advice for your 18 year old self:

" Take your time and try not to worry where you’ll end up. There’s such pressure to go to college get a job and “start your life” but you’ll get there eventually and what’s for you won’t pass you 🌟"

Thank you, Amelia!! It's your turn to nominate another feature for #HumansOfMuckross

Have you lived in Aus? Are you working in Zoology? Any Vets out there? Reach out & comment below! 💚

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