Sara Grant, Class of 2010

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Sara Grant, class of 2010 (form class Prague 🙌🏽)

" One of my favorite memories would have to be in winter time in the old school, praying for the heating to breakdown so we could all go home early! Or on our 5th year ski trip when we had a mad rave in a pizza place. So many it’s hard to narrow them down! "

" Like most of the other Muckross girls, I miss seeing my friends, and having the chats in the mornings before class every day. I also miss the Saturday mornings getting out to play the hockey matches "

Advice for your 6th year self:
" It’s ok to not know what you want to do at 18. Nearly 10 years after leaving school, I still don’t know what I’m doing but that’s the exciting part; just taking opportunities/chances as they come my way "

Fun fact: " Myself and a few friends (one of them also a former Muckross girl) were at the music festival Tomorrowland, and ended up being interviewed for a documentary about the festival filmed by HBO Latin America "

What are you up to now?
" I graduated with a computer science degree from UCD in 2015, and made the move straight to Toronto. I’ve been living here ever since, and am working in anti-money laundering/anti-terrorist financing for a bank. I’m also currently learning Spanish as I’m frequently in Mexico, and hope to be in Colombia later in the year. I’m still friends with the girls I went to school with, and we have our annual reunion when I come home for Christmas every year "

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