Saoirse Durkan, class of 2015

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Saoirse Durkan - class of 2015

" What I miss the most about Muckross is seeing my friends everyday for six years. The lunch time chats and the messing around were times I took for granted and miss dearly. I’m lucky to say I’ve made friends for life in Muckross! "

" Besides all the funny moments during class throughout the years, one of my favourite memories has to be our 4th year trip to York - non-stop laughter and jokes! "

What are you up to now?

" I have recently completed a Bachelor's degree focused in Information Technology, Social Computing and Music in UCD. Since graduating I found a huge interest in social media and am now currently working as a Global Marketing Solutions Agent for Accenture. "

Advice for your 18 year old self:

" Don't stress too much about life. The leaving cert is only a stepping stone to something greater! Enjoy every moment being around your friends and having no responsibilities! And plan to travel as much as you can! "

FUN FACT: Saoirse was prefect of her own class in 6th year

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