Erika Keane, class of 1981

#HumansOfMuckross is our new campaign that connects past pupils together & gives us an insider's look into the cool things everyone's up to post-green skirt era 💚

Next we have .. Erika Keane (class of 1981)

" I was so delighted that my 2 daughters had the same positive, impactful & incredible Muckross experience "

" One of my favourite memories is practising for our 6th year play in St. Stephen's Green in the sunshine. The play itself was great craic too, with Dan Maloney as the hero & Ms. O’Sullivan as the strict German character. Gas "

" I miss the close bonds of friendship from our class group of '81. I was fortunate enough to have this same close bond throughout my college life too. Our RCSI college WhatsApp group has 64 members (muted)!"

" My daughters adored their school days. The new school building made no difference to the close bonds, loyalty & infinite enjoyment they both had while at Muckross. It's a gorgeous building, but it's only a structure. A structure to house amazing & inspiring people. In life, memories are made & experiences are learned from the individuals that make it so wonderful - not the walls, the doors & the floors "

Advice for my 18 year old self:
" Just GO FOR IT! It's what I did & wouldn't change a thing. I encourage you to take your time in everything. Your niche will find you "

What is Erika up to now?
" I worked in Geriatrics for years & now I am an Assistant Professor in the Trinity School of Medicine. I lecture in clinical skills & history-taking for medical students, based in St. James's Hospital. I absolutely love what I do. I also have a plethora of children to chauffeur around & spend a lot of time in Lahinch, Co. Clare - walking, swimming & of course, drinking pints "

FUN FACT: Erika has 9 sons -- (no, that's not an upside-down 6) only one of whom inherited the 'fro genes

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